Feasibility Study

October 2023 Update

On September 5, the Webb Management consultant provided Town Council with the final Feasibility Study presentation regarding the feasibility for the potential addition of a performing art and cultural center. After the presentation, Town Council recommended that the Arts and Cultural Events Council meet to determine their next steps moving forward.

During the duration of the feasibility study, a Steering Committee was formed to discuss and assist the consultant during the feasibility study process. The committee included the Town Administrator, the Communications Manager, the Arts and Cultural Events Coordinator, three members of the Arts Council, and a member of Town Council. This committee concluded after the study was finalized, but a new committee is now being formed to determine next steps with a potential center.

The new committee—focused on pursuing a potential center—has decided to distinguish itself from the Town and continue discussions regarding governance and operations, space and site options, and cost and funding topics. While the Town is no longer chairing this group, the members in the initial Steering Committee will still have the opportunity to participate on the committee, and membership will be expanded to include constituents from surrounding communities. Additional details about the new committee are forthcoming.

Currently, the Town’s arts and cultural events will continue to be hosted by the Town and the Arts and Cultural Events Council. For a listing of the upcoming events, the season planner can be found here.


The mission of this study, led by Webb Management, is to determine the feasibility for the potential addition of a performing art and cultural center. The study will include market, operational, financial, economic, and social impact analyses of a multi-use facility that could benefit many different members of the community.

History and Background

For almost 20 years, the Town of Kiawah’s Arts and Cultural Events Council has hosted events in churches, clubhouses and conference centers, outsourcing all lighting, sound and backline requirements. The lack of a performing arts venue has brought unique challenges, and the Council has found itself working with limited capacities and increasing scheduling conflicts. A permanent venue would help mitigate these challenges while also allowing the Council to broaden the scope of performances they are able to offer. The study would also explore the possibility of including classrooms, studios and public spaces to display visual art. 

A Letter from the Town’s Arts and Cultural Events Council:

All of us who serve on the Arts Council are residents of Kiawah. Some of us have served as volunteers for almost two decades; others are fairly new to the council. We volunteered because we all have a passion for the arts and the desire to improve the quality of life for island residents and visitors. Our group is truly a “working committee” in every sense. We work closely with artists, agents, technicians, and venues and individually manage our sponsored activities. We constantly strive to bring new volunteers into the Council to reflect the preferences of our increasing and changing population.

Over the past several years, it’s become increasingly difficult to find and schedule venues for the events – which is why we asked the Town to consider commissioning a feasibility study to determine if the development of a permanent facility might be possible. We were so appreciative that the Town (both staff and our elected officials) listened to us and responded positively to our request. Over the past several months, Webb Management (the consulting team) has been gathering input and beginning a conversation about the potential for a community arts facility.

Throughout this process, there will be multiple opportunities for community members to get involved and offer their input. Please make sure you're signed up for our E-News to stay up to date on this project. 

Kimberly Adele
Bill Blizard
Judy Chitwood
Joan Collar
Becky Hilstad
Dylan Keith
Van McCollum
Jodi Rush
Kristin Thompson
David Wohl
Feasibility Study FAQ
What about the potential for traffic issues?
Although this is just a feasibility to determine the possibility of creating a performing art and cultural center, the safety and comfort of residents and their ability to move on and off the island are a top priority at all phases of work.

For almost 20 years, the Arts Council has sponsored arts events on the island that have regularly attracted between 100 and 500 audience members in the afternoons and evenings with rarely any traffic concerns. If the study determines the project to be feasible and the next steps are taken, it is improbable that an arts facility could be built on the island anyway due to expense and lack of room.
What is an example of a main point of consideration while completing this study?
Sustainability: All findings and recommendations will be created considering Kiawah Island’s unique, natural environment.