Board of Zoning & Appeals

Members serve a three-year term. The BZA has three primary purposes:

  1. To hear and decide zoning appeals when the appellant alleges that an administrative official has made an error (Administrative Review)
  2. To hear and decide applications for a variance from the requirements of zoning regulations (Variances)
  3. To permit uses by special exception, subject to the terms and conditions for those uses as identified in the zoning regulations (Special Exceptions).
Monthly, every 3rd* Monday at 1:00pm
*January and February meetings held on the 4th Monday at 1:00 pm
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Town Staff and Council Liasion to the BZA
John Taylor, Planning Manager, | 843-768-9166 ext. 114
Russell Berner, Town Council Liasion, | 843-955-8657

First Name Last Name Term Expiration Year Email Phone
Frank Cassidy, Chairmen 2026 (843) 768-9166
Ben Farabee 2024 (843) 768-9166
J. Jay Lewis 2024 (843) 768-9166
J. Phillip Adams 2025 (843) 768-9166
Laurence (Larry) Rosenfeld 2025 (843) 768-9166
Lin O'Leary 2026 (843) 768-9166
Morris Hanan 2024 (843) 768-9166