Brad Belt, Mayor

Term: Term Expires November 2025

Mayor Belt serves on the following Council Committees:
  • Arts and Cultural Events Council & Arts Council Board - Chair
  • Charleston Area Convention Bureau - Liaison 
  • Johns Island Task Force - Liaison 

Along with our four-legged girl, Folly, Laura and I live in the RiverView neighborhood. After visiting over the years, we bought a home in 2019, intending to split our time between Washington, DC, and Kiawah. During the pandemic, we realized how much we enjoyed life here and decided to make Kiawah our permanent home, becoming full-time residents in 2020.

Before semi-retiring a year ago, I had spent the last decade and a half in executive roles with asset management and investment banking firms. Prior to that, I had been privileged to serve in the Administration of President George W. Bush as the head of the agency responsible for overseeing and ensuring private sector pension plans. I’ve had leadership roles with two “think tanks,” and early in my career, I served in senior counsel roles at the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.

Throughout my career, I have served on the fiduciary or advisory boards of various companies, nonprofit organizations, and professional associations. Currently, I serve on the executive board of a private equity firm and the board of UNICEF USA (MidAtlantic). My previous service includes a Presidential appointment to the Social Security Advisory Board and the Board of Trustees of the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation, as well as several private companies and organizations on Kiawah, I am on the board of the RiverView POA and was one of the founders of PreserveKiawah.

In many respects, we are at an inflection point for life on and around Kiawah Island. We are nearing the end of growth on Kiawah but aren’t there yet. And there is going to be substantial additional development and growth off Island. This growth has profound implications for our physical infrastructure, fragile natural ecosystem, and quality of life on and around Kiawah. I believe that the Town of Kiawah needs to play a leadership role in addressing the challenges we face, and we can best do so by engaging the community and working collaboratively with all stakeholders.