Madeleine Kaye, Council Member

Term:  Term Expires November 2027

Councilwomen Kaye serves on the following Council Committees and Projects:

  • Environmental Committee - Chair
  • Marsh Management Committee - Chair
  • KICA/TOKI ARB Task Force - Liaison 

I first visited Kiawah 40 years ago, when my daughter was just a toddler.  Over the years, neither one of us could stay away.  We came for vacations with friends and family almost every year.  I bought villas at Turtle Cove and Seascape in 2004, and moved into my home on Sea Marsh 10 years ago. 

My working career started in magazines and newspapers, writing and editing news and sports.  Then I worked at Merck & Co., Inc., for 30 years in a variety of managerial positions in areas including sales, communications, business intelligence, solutions consulting, and public affairs.  I took early retirement in 2008.

I’ve been active in Kiawah community activities and politics for several years.  Most recently, I’ve been a member of the Planning Commission, where we’ve made key decisions that impact Kiawah’s future – issues like rezoning key West Beach tracts; drafting a sweeping Marsh Management Plan; working on the Town’s next Comprehensive Plan; and crafting a much-needed Tree Preservation ordinance. 

As a member of the Marsh Management Task Force, I’ve developed an even greater appreciation of the importance and vulnerability of our marsh.  And now, as the Council liaison to the Environmental Committee, I’ll devote myself to the protection and preservation of our native wildlife and our pristine, but threatened, environment. 

I’m intrigued by the opportunities and challenges that we face over the next several years. There’s the disposition of the ARB, a complex assignment that I began to understand as a member of the KICA/TOKI ARB Work Group.  There’s the resolution of the dispute over Captain Sam’s Spit, which requires collaboration with KICA and the Conservancy.  There’s the build-out of the Island, which demands sophisticated negotiation and a firm hand to ensure that the community’s interests are upheld.  There’s the potential new Development Agreement with the Resort, the growing challenge of traffic and congestion, and the mandate to address the Town’s police and security needs.

I commit to devoting my time and attention to working on these issues and to finding the best possible solutions for our community.