Luke Farrell, Council Member

Term:  Term Expires November 2025

Councilmen Farrell serves on the following Council Committees:

  • South Carolina State Accommodation Tax (SATAX) - Chair
  • KiawahNext (2024 - TOKI's Comprehensive Plan Update) - Liaison 

My wife Linda and I have been coming to Kiawah for over 30 years.  Linda’s parents move here in 1991 and we have been bringing our two sons here to visit almost every year since.  In the fall of 2018, we purchased a home here with the intent to retire to Kiawah.  In early 2020, with COVID allowing me to work from home, we left California and moved here permanently.  I subsequently retired from the financial industry in early 2022.

I ran for Town Council because Kiawah is at a crossroads.  The island is almost completely built out and the issues of the past will soon fade.  We will need to look forward and purposefully plan how the island will evolve over the next 5, 10, and 20 years. 

We still have issues with The Cape parking, the development of Upper Beachwalker park, and the transfer and preservation of Captain Sam’s Spit.  These need close scrutiny and follow-through in the near term.  However, we also need to begin to focus on:

  • the major development and expansion of Freshfields (Andell West)
  • the future development by Kiawah Island Resort (up to 450 residential units plus commercial)
  • the implications of the development referred to as Orange Hill and potential access to Kiawah by those residents
  • the integrity of our two-lane causeway access in light of increased storm frequency and King tides
  • most importantly, maintaining the character and uniqueness of Kiawah.

My experience should be especially relevant to these issues.  With an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering and over a dozen years running chemical plants for 2 Fortune 500 companies, I developed strong project management and problem-solving skills.  My career transitioned and I spent the last 25 years on Wall Street as a trader, analyst, portfolio manager and senior strategist.  I worked with and led teams, making large financial decisions, while integrating both risk and outcomes, all with clear, measurable accountability. 

Lastly, my work on the Kiawah Island Planning Commission this past year has been invaluable.  I have been able to apply my work experience to decisions affecting land-use, zoning, conservation, comprehensive planning.  Additionally, it has given the community the opportunity to see my contributions and style.

With your support, I look forward to serving the community as a member of the Town Council.